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Consignment Guidelines

Consignment Information


1.      You can bring in items for consignment anytime from 10:00 AM thru 5:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday.  Consignment hours are subject to change.  No appointment is necessary. We recommend that you call or email if you wish to bring in furniture or large equipment so that we can determine if they are items we can accept and give you an estimated price before you deliver them to the store.

2.      You will receive 50% of the selling price less an item fee. The pricing schedule is listed at the bottom of this form. Your portion of the sale is placed on your account within 5 days and can be used as store credit or picked up at any time.  Checks will be issued for amounts over $20.00. Only account holders and authorized users may pick up balances. Any amount left on your account for more than two years reverts to Red Door Consignment

3.      New accounts will be charged a $10.00 set up fee that can be deducted from your account or paid in cash.  You must be over 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license or photo ID to open an account. 

4.      Clothing guidelines:

a.      Freshly laundered & pressed or dry cleaned;  no stains, odors or pin holes

b.      With brand AND size labels

c.       Less than two years old

d.      Gowns & formalwear must be less than 5 years old in pristine condition and if previously worn be professionally dry-cleaned.

e.       Clothing items may be brought in any type of container. However if it is wrinkled we will not accept your items. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!!!

5.      Toys, books, and DVD guidelines:

a.      Toys must be made in 2009 or newer

b.      Have all original pieces (nothing missing) & working batteries (if applicable)

c.       DVDs in original case

6.      Household accessories (i.e. dishware, collectable items, glassware, artwork, wall decor, linens, bedding sets, rugs, lamps or giftware) guidelines:     

a.      Clean with no odors, stains or excessive wear

b.      Bedding (must be in a clear bag), linens and rugs must be freshly laundered or dry cleaned

c.       Dish and glass sets must be complete with no missing pieces and cannot be chipped or broken

d.      Lamps must have a lampshade and a light bulb

e.       Seasonal items must be consigned at the appropriate time of year

f.       Dishes, ceramics and glassware must be washed

g.      Floral arrangements must not be missing pieces and be free of dust

h.      New items will be removed from boxes in order to display and sell them – we do not keep the boxes

7.      Furniture guidelines:

a.      Clean and sanitized with no odors, stains or excessive wear

b.      Be within current style and marketing guidelines

c.       Mattresses can only be sold with a bed frame and must be in excellent shape and have been sanitized

d.      Vintage and antique pieces must be in reasonable shape with no excessive structural damage

e.       Dining room , bedroom and living room suites are priced as individual pieces and sold as such

f.       Consignor is responsible for arranging delivery or pickup of large furniture/household items


8.      We set the prices for all items.  If you have an item that you wish a certain amount of money for please discuss it with the consignment specialist before leaving the item. If we feel we can not get you the price you want we will not accept the item.

9.      We will get your items onto the sales floor as quickly as possible, usually within two weeks at the latest.

10.  The consignment period is 30 days at full price and 30 days at a discounted price. Each time you bring in consignment we will give you a pick up agreement listing your consignment period and pick up dates.  If you do not pick up your items within the specified time frame then they will be sold at discounted price then donated to charity. We do not provide donation forms for tax purposes.

11.  If you request us to pull your items before the end of consignment and then do not pick them up within the specified time frame on your pick up form, your account will be charged $10.00 and the items will be donated.

12.  While we will do our best to protect your consignment, Red Door Consignment is not responsible for any loss, damage or shop wear to your items during delivery or pick up of your items or during the time period when items are in the possession of Red Door Consignment for purposes of sale or storage.

13.  Final acceptance of all items for consignment will be at the discretion of the management. Criteria for acceptance of items is based on condition, style, price, levels of current inventory and suitability for our clientele.

14.  Pricingschedule as of March 1, 2013

$0.00 - $9.99                                     45% of selling price to consignor

$10.00 - $49.99                                   46% of selling price to consignor

$50.00 - $99.99                                   47% of selling price to consignor

$100.00 - $199.99                               50% of selling price to consignor

$200.00 and up                                   60% of selling price to consignor