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Consignment Agreement

 Consignment Agreement


1.      Consignment Account Set up: To set up a consignment account, you will be charged a one time fee of $10.00. You have the option of paying this in cash or in the form of a deduction on your account. Accounts may not be set up by a third party.

2.      Consignment Hours: Consignment hours are as follows: Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  Consignment hours are subject to change.

3.      Right of Acceptance: Red Door Consignment Co. has the right to accept or not accept any item on consignment. We select items based upon season, style, fashion, condition and whether we deem the item to be saleable.

4.      Consignment Period: The consignment period varies per item. You will be given a form every time you consign items with the period information. Consigned items must stay on the floor for the full consignment period.

5.      Pricing: Red Door Consignment Co. sets all prices. We reserve the right to discount merchandise during sale events. Items that are discovered to be damage or flawed after the initial inspection and acceptance will either be sold at a discounted priced or donated to charity, please note we do not contact the consignor if this happens.

6.      Consignment Percentages: The consignor receives 50% of the actual selling price less an item fee.

7.      Consignor Payouts:  Funds are available five days after an item has sold. All balances over $20.00 will be paid by check. All balances under $20.00 will be paid in cash. Only the person(s) listed on the account may collect the account balance. You will be required to show a valid picture ID at the time of the payout. Checks can be mailed for out of state consignors, if the consignor provides a self addressed and stamped envelope. Checks issued for payment that are not cashed within six months become null and void. Funds left on a consignors account for two years without any activity will revert to Red Door Consignment Co.

8.      Unsold Items:  If you do not wish to pick up your items at the end of your consignment period they will be continuously discounted until sold or donated to charity. If you request to have your items pulled for pick up and do not pick them up by the allotted time frame, your account will be charged a $10.00 and the items will be donated.  We do not provide tax forms for donated items.

9.      Lost/Theft/Damage: While we take every precaution to insure against loss, theft, damage or store ware to your items you consign at your own risk. Red Door Consignment Co. is only liable for making appropriate and timely payment to you for any of your items that sell.

10.  Minimum Age to Consign: You must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid driver's license with a photo to open an account.